Ww2 us gear

WWII Gear. Toggle navigation Menu. Headgear U. Medals, Insignia and Badges U. Military Dress and Drill Swords U. Uniforms U. Air Force Belt. This Air Force Belt is beautifully made.

ww2 us gear

Silver color buckle with "Hap" Arnold design. One size, adjustable up to 52 Inches. Classic A-2 Leather Flight Jacket. Our A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is made from soft and supple genuine Nappa leather for a vintage military fighter pilot look and feel. These bomber jackets are perfect for cold weather or everyday wear. Kids B Nylon Bomber Jacket. Kids B Nylon Bomber Jacket! Children's B Bomber Jackets made to look like the real ones with plenty of U.

Bomber Jacket has nylon shell and insulated. Faux fur collar, knit cuffs, elastic waistband. The military style pants feature adjustable waist tabs, drawstrings and zipper fly.

US Army Equipment and Uniform in the Pacific Theater, WW2 - Collector's & History Corner

Kid's B.The price you see listed is the price you will pay. No hidden fees or additional charges. Pick-ups from our store location are always welcome.

If purchasing from over-seas, a shipping charge will automatically be added during the check-out process. The charge is incremental and is based on the final total of your purchases. Any over-charge will be refunded after your purchase has shipped.

My Back Ground :. I have been collecting and selling military collectibles for over 25 years. I entered the hobby at the age of twelve with a profound interest in history and the inheritance of my Grandfather's WWII souvenirs. By age nineteen, I was earning extra money for college selling from a rented antique store booth and listing in online auctions.

After college, I was employed with an auction house as a catalog describer and appraiser of military antiques and collectibles. Sincemy wife and I have owned and operate one of largest genuine military surplus stores still open to the public and have maintained this website since Buying and selling military surplus is a large part of our business.

However, we also come across some interesting collectibles to include pocket knives, lighters, old photos, beer and cigarette memorabilia and more. Something new and interesting enters, and leaves, our shop daily. My intent is to list a huge selection of our store inventory. If you do not see what you are looking for, email me. I might have it in stock. Accepted Forms of Payment: In addition to PayPal, we are able to process orders with payment by direct transaction at our store location in Leavenworth, KS via postal money order sent through the mail, through Mal's E-commerceor over the phone with your credit card.

We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Our Guarantee: Unless specified in the description, the item s you are purchasing is an original military relic or surplus item. The German military collectibles section has a separate category for reproductions. If an item is original, but altered I will do my best to describe this in my description.

If you are in doubt to the originality of an item on my site, feel free to tell me or seek the advice from the many forums found on the internet before purchasing. In this business, reputation is everything and I pride myself in maintaining a good standing within the community. Click Pics for Details. Closed Wednesday and Sunday To comply with our local municipality's orders, our physical store has closed to public foot traffic. We are still taking phone orders, processing our soldier's CIF lists and operating the website without delay.

Thank you and stay well!WWII Gear. Toggle navigation Menu. Headgear U. Medals, Insignia and Badges U. Military Dress and Drill Swords U. Uniforms U. Our adjustable hat stand and stretcher is a great way to display all types of military field caps.

Made in the USA, these wooden stands feature an adjustable wooden form, felt padding and legs. Our u. Made from premium materials, these United States Army caps feature Khaki wool twill tops with wool mohair cap bands. Sku: Made from premium materials, these United States Army caps feature Olive Drab wool twill tops with wool mohair cap bands. This is the protective leather chin cup for attachment to helmet A yoke straps, worn by US Paratroopers in world war two.

These Chin Cups include the lining. Perfect replacement for an original M1 Helmet. US M1 Helmet Net. The US M1 Helmet Net will fit M1 Helmets and was used to break up the helmets silhouette and also for adding grass, leaves or other materials for camouflage.

Newly made M1 Helmet includes steel outer shell, inner liner, web suspension system, with fully adjustable sweatband and adjustable chin strap. M Doughboy Helmet reproduction made from an original M pattern helmet. Steel shell is made from 18 gauge steel.American made gear that won't let you down! Making this stuff right is not rocket science.

Our high quality has been consistent throughout the years. Products are sorted according to military service branch indicated in the navigation bar. You can always search for your desired product by using the quick and handy "search" button in the above right corner of your screen.

Hover your mouse or hold your finger over pictures for descriptions of our products. You can also click and drag the side frames to narrow the viewing screen and expose the product names and prices under the photos. We encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews of our products in the product pages. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter via the links at the bottom of this page. We announce promotions and product arrivals frequently so be sure to keep up with us on our social media as well.

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ww2 us gear

Click here to email us. Be the first to know about new products and sales Email address Subscribe.WWII Gear.

U.S. Headgear

Toggle navigation Menu. Headgear U. Medals, Insignia and Badges U. Military Dress and Drill Swords U. Uniforms U. Great for WWII reenactors. This Style Dual Mag Pouch is made from the same high quality leather as the holsters and belts with 3" wide belt loops to fit on leather and web belts.

For single stack mags. Choose Black or Brown. Cotton Pistol Belt Khaki. The Cotton Pistol Belt in Khaki is a regulation pistol belt.

Made from heavy cotton canvas with black metal clamps and keepers. Includes a brass metal buckle. Just like our M36 pistol belt, these are adjustable to fit up to 38 inch waist. This Double Stack Style Dual Mag Pouch is made from the same high quality leather as the holsters and belts with 3 inch wide belt loops to fit on leather and web belts. Our U. Made from heavy cotton canvas the cover comes with belt hook, strap and black buckle. The Cricket used pressure on a metal spring blade to make a Click - Clack sound for identification.

Sku: M1 Ammunition Carrying Bag. General purpose ammo bag from OD canvas was used for carrying boxed ammo for machine guns, rifle clips, carbine magazines and mostly hand and rifle grenades during WWII. M1 Ammunition Carrying Bag with Strap. This is the protective leather pad for attachment to the M1 Garand Rifle, used by US snipers in world war two.

Marked on back. Great for WWII re-enactors. Slides onto belt with snap on back of belt loop! This excellent reproduction is made from black coated canvas and includes the webbing straps and metal snap closures. Comes with the correct OD color lettering. Lift the Dot fasteners attach the flaps to the front of the cover, holding the canteen securely inside.Army Enlisted Man's O. Woolen Winter Uniforms. Officer's Men's Wool Winter Uniforms. Khaki Cotton Officer's Uniform.

Army Insignia. Fatigue "Work" Uniforms. Army Regular Issue Field Uniforms. Army uniform accessories. Edged Weapons. Rigger's Shop. Military Canvas Tents. Close menu.

U.S. Uniforms

Home Let's buy something. See More Close cart. New Arrivals See More Close cart. Close cart. Swatches of fabric can be mailed to anyone wishing to pre-inspect the quality of fabrics before they make a purchase. Please send us a self addressed and stamped envelope to our address and we would be happy to supply a swatch of any fabric we use in our garments. This concept implied that the fabrics used in the various articles of clothing and equipment were dyed in contrasted and complimentary shades of Olive Drab or Khaki.

Various shades of olive drab or "O. Each component in an entire uniform had either a subtle or significant contrasting shades to each other.

We have generally come to know and accept that the contemporary concept of camouflage applies on an individual level. Camouflage by horizon on the other hand described camouflage used collectively in a large group of personnel. The theory was that the entire group with multi shaded uniforms would therefore blend into the scenery in the field of the horizon.

ww2 us gear

The concept of camouflage by horizon was applied to both dress and combat uniform designs. Army soldier's basic uniform and equipment click here. Check this page frequently as more items are restocked and new items introduced. Shop by product style.The United States Army in World War II used a variety of standard and non-standard dress and battle uniforms, which often changed depending upon the theater of war, climatic environment, and supply exigencies.

Army basic service uniforms consisted of a winter service uniform of olive drab wool worn in temperate weather and a summer service uniform of khaki tan fabric.

In addition to the service uniforms worn for ordinary duty and dress purposes there were a variety of fatigue and combat uniforms. Summer and winter service uniforms were during their respective seasons in the continental U. During World War II the European theater of operations Northwestern Europe was considered a year-round temperate uniform zone and the Pacific theater of operations a year-round tropical uniform zone.

In the Mediterranean theater U. Shirts, which featured two patch pockets and no shoulder straps, were either olive drab shade No. Either shirt could be worn under the coat; however, the cotton shirt could not be worn as an outer garment with the wool trousers. Whenever a shirt was worn as an outer garment the necktie was tucked between the second and third button of the shirt.

In the shirt was redesigned with the collar band removed so the collar would lay flat when worn in the field. The OD shade 3 necktie was shortly superseded by a khaki shade 5 cotton—wool blend necktie.

The single color khaki shade 5 necktie was mandated for both summer and winter service uniforms.

U.S. WWII Field Gear and Equipment

The enlisted man's summer service uniform consisted of the cotton khaki shade No. The necktie was tucked between the second and third button of the shirt. The enlisted soldier's round crown visor caps were no longer issued to enlisted troops after Thereafter, only the garrison cap in either olive drab for winter or khaki tan for summer with piping in the color of the soldiers basic specialty branch remained as the universal enlisted service headgear.

The soldiers distinctive unit insignia was worn on the left front if the unit issued the DUI. However, after the manufacture of DUIs were suspended for the duration of the war. Issue footwear consisted of low quarter russet brown leather cap toe boots. For more on Army footwear see Combat Uniforms chapter below. The male officer's winter service uniform in consisted of a 4 button 4 pocket coat of finer wool fabric in olive drab shade No.


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