Copywriting swipe file pdf

A helpful swipe file for marketers. COM Sidebar. Clear Filters. Copywriting Images Apr 6. Copywriting Emails Apr 3. CoronaVirus Cat Flattening Image This is a lovely example of taking a boring chart and making it more understandable to the general public. Copywriting Images Mar Copywriting Quotes Feb The reasoning is you ….

Copywriting Formulas Feb This is a great way to run a character through a proper story arc. Copywriting Formulas Images Feb 6. You can see how they layout their ad.

copywriting swipe file pdf

Copywriting Emails Jan Getting 3 Copywriters To Write For You This is a clever image showcasing the concept of 3 copywriters helping you write. Ads Copywriting Images Oct Copywriting Images Oct Netflix Free Trial Pricing This is a very clever and helpful NetFlix 30 day trial landing page that entices people to signup, and even calculates when their next payment date would be.

Instead of doing this with a lot of text, they made one simple …. Copywriting Explainer Videos Images Sep Apple using clever images to show all layers of a photo This was a clever use of images to show how much work goes into a picture taken on an iPhone.

They could have explained this using lots of text and …. Copywriting Explainer Videos Sep Writing Effective Ad Headlines — The Zeigarnik Effect This is an interesting little article about writing good headlines from a newspaper article. It has a couple of interesting anecdotes that are very helpful.

This is from the New ….The ads below from 5 different companies all View Swipe. The two ads below are both selling different st While browsing a t-shirt forum, I came across t The two ad variations below for Shopify have be The compilation below contains a variety of seg What happens when big companies screw up?

Compilation of Various Apology Ads Compilation. This apology ad campaign from Wells Fargo was i Towards the end ofChipotle had a major d This advertorial, written by Gary Halbert, is u Similar to the advice-column advertorials showc Upon researching dental advertising, I certainl Few businesses out there, especially local ones As a kid, I specifically remember my name being The advertorials below are for an Illinois-base This sales letter from marketing great, Jay Abr A classic sales letter from one of the greatest Below are eleven newspaper advertisements for F A very successful 4-page sales letter for Board The two ads below come from a very successful c The two ads below come from a successful campai The two ads below, created by David Ogilvy, are When it comes to Ogilvy's Hathaway ads, the fir You must be logged in to collect content Username or Email.

Remember Me. Swipe Study. Load More Swipes. Each week, you'll receive new "Swipe Studies" analyzing successful promotions. I'm a. I'm Interested In Seeing This Swipe's Short Link When you share this link, the special nav mode for the 's collection will be preserved. Collection Added! Add to Collection.Whereas swipe files can trigger inspiration, a template provides a fill-in-the-blank solution for your writing woes. Pace yourself.

How Pro Writers Nurture Their Skills (Without Paying for Expensive Courses)

Just skip them and click on the ones that interest you. Bookmark the new tabs or save them as well.

copywriting swipe file pdf

Then go back to this page and save it for easy referencing later on. Share it to your writing friends, too. Sharing the Power of Thought Leaders Our mission is to help you build your personal and executive brand in way that positions you as an expert for … Learn About Us. Staring at a blank screen is pure torture. Is it too much to ask for a brain that writes flawless copy on-demand? Why is it so damn hard to open your word processor and start writing from the get go?

More on that later. Swipe what now? Search this website for inspiration on thank-you pages, opt-in forms, ads, pop-ups and more. Fine line to thread that is.

Get this free e-book. Look no further. Henneberry provides three examples for each headline formula, plus a brief explanation of how it works. Lee also explains why some popular headlines could backfire, and shares under-appreciated headline formulas like SHINE. My First 40 Years in Junk Mail opt-in : Is an impressive collection of direct response letters from Richard Armstrong, a copywriter with an extensive rolodex of clients. I use this all the time for writing blog post headlines.

Aside from explaining how to use each formula, Morrow also explains how you get the most out of the ebook. The formulas here are used by just about every writer on the web.

copywriting swipe file pdf

But these formulas provide a good starting point, just spruce them up with descriptive power words. Ogilvy wrote this printed ad for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to lure manufacturers into investing in their country.

See full PDF here. In this post, Halpern provides 2 email scripts and line by line analysis to help you adapt the scripts for yourself.Countless artists and creative minds rely on digital and real-life muses to help them develop their masterpieces. For instance, writers read other blogs and interview people for useful information.

copywriting swipe file pdf

A swipe file gives you a list of useful ideas and insights to draw from when your mind is begging for stimulation. Inbound marketing methods like content production generate about three times as many leads as outbound promotion. A swipe file is one of the tools that creative minds can use to improve their chances of long-term success.

Think of it like a professional scrapbook designed to inspire your future marketing plan. Whether you create a digital marketing swipe file, headline swipe file, or something else entirely, the idea is to collect incredible concepts from other companies and promotional teams, so you can use them to motivate your work later. This might mean that you need to create multiple files for email, social media postsvideo marketing and so on. Some copywriters and marketing leaders also keep their swipe files divided according to industry or niche.

One of the best ways to look at your swipe file definition is to consider it as a form of content curation. Content curation is the act of selecting and managing items in a collection. When you curate, you collect things that are important to you and your business, with the intent of using those resources to improve your work. Inspire your ambassadors with curated content to guide their creations. Improve your skills by learning from successful teams in other companies.

Discover new ideas that keep your content and marketing strategies fresh and engaging. Learn about alternative marketing channels that you may not have considered before. The more complete your swipe files are, the more powerful your resource will be.

This is why so many experts recommend continually adding new entries to your files as often as you can. If something catches your attention, the chances are that it will have the same effect on others. Here are some of the types of swipe file you can add to your repertoire:. Headline swipe file: Headlines that grab your attention can help you to learn new copywriting skills. Remember to keep an eye out for things like style, headline wording, and the use of fonts on website pages too!

Sales copywriting swipe file: Check out sales pages from marketing gurus around the world. Look at everything from placement of graphics on sales and squeeze pagesto the use of call-to-action buttons and more.

Digital marketing swipe file: Keep track of all the marketing copy you see online that makes you want to buy something. It could be a blog post that encourages you to sign up for a website newsletter or an infographic that convinces you of the value of a product or service.

Email swipe file and subject lines: Email is still one of the most powerful marketing channels in the world. Keep track of the emails that convince you to click and use them to guide your email strategies. Pay particularly close attention to compelling subject lines, as these can make or break your email strategy. As mentioned above, a swipe file is a selection of proven strategies for marketing that you can use to guide your promotional campaigns. There are various ways that you can organise your swipe files.

For instance, you might:. You can also create sub-folders to make choosing the right solution easier. For instance, your digital marketing swipe file might include sub-folders for email, social media, blogging, and PPC. Email swipe file: You can create a folder in your email inbox, or an entirely new email account to save emails that could contribute to your future campaigns.

A brand-new email address may be the best option, as it means you can create multiple folders for things like welcome emails, lead nurturing campaigns and so on. Browser swipe files: Create a bookmarks folder in your browser where you can save website pages that appeal to you.

How to build your own copywriting swipe file

Once you know how to create your copywriting swipe file, using it is easy!This one post will help you write all your copy faster and with greater likelihood of success. You should be using copywriting formulas whenever you write anything. They eliminate the guesswork that makes a lot of bad copy bad copy. They will help you face the Blank White Page without cowering.

That starting-point formula will help you organize your messages for most persuasive impact. You use formulas to write a better:. NOTE: Copywriting formulas work best when you use them with copy research. Interest — Engage their mind with unusual, counter-intuitive or fresh info.

Think about one of your lead-gen pages or an opt-in box. Moz does this well:. Take this landing page hero as an example:. It takes patience and confidence to spend a little time building up the D. Apple has more than enough confidence to work on the D. Actually, check out how well Apple uses the first three steps — AID — and totally delays the final A:.

Conviction is intended to help skeptical audiences get over their skepticism. Do this using:. Why would you wanna do that? You just need to hold their attention, and you can do this by piquing their interest. The landing page may not need to grab attention again. So sweep straight into interestlike Lawrence Bernstein does :. What I particularly like about the formula — aside from context and credibility which are generally unspoken must-dos — is the gap.

Dan Kennedy called PAS the most reliable sales formula ever invented.This email promotion from Daily Reckoning, a su View Swipe. This sales page from Agora Financial is selling This mass email campaign from multi-million dol This sales page from Agora Financial uses the " This sales letter from multi-million dollar new Each week, Early to Rise, an Agora Inc.

Multi-million dollar newsletter publisher, Agor The copy in this sales letter ran in the form o This sales letter is a great example of a templ This sales letter from widely regarded newslett If you don't know about Agora, they are one of This is the ultimate example to model for selli The Atlas is the ultimate example of an exc This is a great example of swiping quite close Journal Letter by Agora Financial.

Early to Rise, a subsidiary of direct response You must be logged in to collect content Username or Email. Remember Me. All Tags Agora.

69+ High Quality Copywriting Templates Proven to Work

Swipe Study. Each week, you'll receive new "Swipe Studies" analyzing successful promotions. I'm a. I'm Interested In Seeing This Swipe's Short Link When you share this link, the special nav mode for the 's collection will be preserved.

Share This Page. Collection Added! Add to Collection.A helpful swipe file for marketers. COM Sidebar. Clear Filters. This is probably MORE a business book. Lots of great examples of businesses ….

The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting (or, Every Copywriting Formula Ever)

All Apr Books Apr These are …. I stayed up …. All Books Apr Efficient Layout for lots of information Breaking Bad episodes This image manages to showcase the rating of many seasons and many episodes of a series in this simple format. A very well done layout! Images Apr Copywriting Images Apr 6. Print Ads Apr 4. Ads Apr 3. Copywriting Emails Apr 3. Chirp Wheel Explainer Video Great use of humor in this explainer video. Explainer Videos Mar Home Pages Mar Folding Stroller Explainer Gif A great explainer video for this foldable stroller.

Small Business Email Asking Members To Stay Active This is a great email for an athlete recovery center telling members they will be shutting down for 14 days due to CoronaVirus, and requesting if members are financially able ….

Emails Mar CoronaVirus Cat Flattening Image This is a lovely example of taking a boring chart and making it more understandable to the general public. Copywriting Images Mar Easy Image Showing Geography Terms This is a great image showing geography terms for children, but notice how simple and effective this single image is at explaining geographic formations versus a lot of text.

Images Mar SendGrid 2.


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